2 - 4 October 2018 Dubna Russia

VLVnT - 2018
Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes

JINR will host the 8th edition of the Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes Workshop (VLVnT-2018) from 2nd to 4th October 2018, in Dubna, Russia.

The workshop provides a forum to discuss the latest developments in neutrino and multi-messenger astronomy together with progress on the technological and instrumentation aspects of current and future large scale detectors in water and ice.


Starts Oct 2, 2018, 9:00
Ends Oct 4, 2018, 14:00


Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
International Conference Center
2 Stroiteley str., Dubna,
Moscow region, Russia

Scientific programme

Since the discovery of cosmic neutrinos by IceCube in 2013, the field of high-energy neutrino astronomy has experienced a new momentum. IceCube and ANTARES are providing high-quality data and have become an important component of multi-messenger astronomy. New cubic kilometer detectors are under construction in the Mediterranean (KM3NeT) and Lake Baikal (GVD), while the IceCube collaboration itself also works towards IceCube-Gen2. Moreover, radio detection of neutrinos is rapidly evolving. This stormy development makes communication, coordination and cooperation more important than ever.

The focus of the VLVNT Symposium is on the physics and technology of the projects cooperating within the Global Neutrino Network, GNN. According to the scientific scope of neutrino telescopes like ANTARES, Baikal-GVD, IceCube and KM3NeT (neutrino astronomy, cosmic rays, neutrino oscillations, dark matter search), the community of participants will be considerably broader and also include experimentalists from optical, X-ray, gamma-ray and cosmic ray observatories, gravitational interferometers, dark matter, reactor/accelerator neutrino experiments as well as theoreticians. We will also address aspects of applied science like oceanology, limnology, and glaciology.

The workshop will be organized in plenary and parallel sessions. It will represent a forum for exhibitions and presentations by industry, notably manufacturers of underwater sensors and infrastructures, and providers of related underwater equipment.

local organizing committee

Igor Belolaptikov

JINR, Dubna, Russia

Olga Belova

JINR, Dubna, Russia

Grigory Domogatsky

INR, Moscow, Russia

Zhan-Arys Dzhilkibaev

INR, Moscow, Russia

Anna Kotova

JINR, Dubna, Russia

Dmitry Naumov

JINR, Dubna, Russia

Christian Spiering

DESY, Germany

international advisory committee

Vladimir Aynutdinov

INR, Moscow, Russia

Cristiano Bozza

Univ. Salerno, Italy

Marco Circella

Univ. Bari, Italy

Alexis Coleiro

APC Paris, France

Véronique Elewyck

APC, Paris, France

Chad Finley

Stockholm University, Sweden

Francis Halzen

Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Aya Ishihara

Univ. Chiba, Japan

Alexander Kappes

Univ. Muenster, Germany

Marek Kowalski

DESY Zeuthen, Germany

Giorgio Riccobene

LNS Catania, Italy

Dorothea Samtleben

Univ. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sergey Troitsky

INR Moscow, Russia

Dawn Williams

Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA

Els de Wolf

Nikhef Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Visa and invitation

To enter the Russian Federation, a delegate needs to apply for a Visa at the nearest Russian Consulate in his/her country. To start the visa formalities the following data is required:

  • Copy of the passport main page (with your photo);
  • Exact postal address of the institution (affiliation);
  • Phone (mobile phone, if possible) numbers;
  • Arrival/departure dates;
  • The nearest Russian Consulate (city) in his/her country where the visa is going to be obtained.

You should fill all the correspondent fields on the Registration page. If you have any questions, please contact Olga Belova:

conference fee and payment

The fee is 150 € (175 $) for participants making use of JINRs airport shuttle service to Dubna and back.  For other participants it is 100 €  (7500 Rubles).

  • Beneficiary: JINR, Russia, Moscow region, Dubna, TIN 9909125356/501063001
  • Beneficiary’s address: Russia, 141980, Dubna, Moscow region, Joliot-Curie str., 6
  • Beneficiary’s bank: VTB Bank (PJSC), Russia, 109044, Moscow, 43 Vorontsovskaya str.
  • Beneficiary’s account with beneficiary’s bank (USD): 40807840400000000292
  • Beneficiary: JINR, Russia, Moscow region, Dubna, TIN 9909125356/501063001
  • Beneficiary’s address: Russia, 141980, Dubna, Moscow region, Joliot-Curie str., 6
  • Beneficiary’s bank: VTB Bank (PJSC), Russia, 109044, Moscow, 43 Vorontsovskaya str.
  • Beneficiary’s account (EURO): 40807978000050000158
  • Получатель: ИНН 9909125356 КПП 501063001
    Объединенный Институт Ядерных Исследований
  • Адрес получателя: Россия, 141980, г.Дубна, Московской области, ул.Жолио-Кюри, 6
  • Банк получателя: Банк ВТБ (ПАО), г.Москва
  • БИК: 044525187
  • Корр.счет: 30101810700000000187
  • Счет получателя в руб.: 40807810800050000513


The VLVNT participants will be accommodated at the Dubna Hotel (Veksler Street 8, Dubna). The Organizing Committee will make the reservations.

How to reach

From the Sheremetyevo International Airport to Moscow

From the Domodedovo Moscow Airport to Moscow

Moscow-Dubna-Moscow Trains

Moscow-Dubna-Moscow Buses

  • Buses Moscow-Dubna depart from Savelovsky railway station.
  • Buses Dubna-Moscow depart from “Bolshaya Volga” station. The price of the ticket – 350 rubles.
  • Timetable of Moscow-Dubna-Moscow buses

Going from Moscow by car follow the highway А104 (“Dmitrovskoe shosse”). Please, mind that at the crossroads in Yakhroma, before the bridge across the Moscow channel you should drive a bit to the right under the viaduct using the “Dmitrov, Dubna” sign to the circum urban road. Then, go straight to the circular motion crossroads (near Dmitrov city), turn left using “Klin, Rogachevo, Dubna” sign, drive about 500 meters and turn right using “Pervomaiski, Dubna” sign. Continue driving using the main road via Orevo town and go straight through Tempy township to Dubna.

JINR Visit Centre

The JINR Visit Centre is aimed to assist foreign specialists arriving in Dubna to fill in all necessary papers through the single window, as well as to get acquainted with the activities and history of JINR and the city.


5 Molodezhnaya str., Dubna


9.00 am to 1.00 pm
2.00 pm to 5.30 pm


+7 (49621) 6-52-42


+7 (49621) 6-42-23



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