VLVNT - 2018 Dubna Russia

Conference Proceedings

Dates and Guidelins for the contributions to the Conference Proceedings

The VLVnT-2018 Conference proceedings will be published on EPJ Web of Conferences.

The number of pages for each paper is:

  • 4 pages maximum for Parallel Sessions talks
  • 6 pages for Plenary Sessions talks (exceptions will be communicated individually to the speakers)


The deadline for the submission of contributions is December 20, 2018.

Each contributed paper will be submitted to a reviewer.  The deadline for accepting the papers, after the reviewers work and revision will be January 25, 2019.

Article format

For the reviewing phase the authors will have to upload their article as PDF file. To prepare this file you can use LaTeX or Word using the template provided under Instructions for authors at

Information on uploading the final version will be provided later.

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